Friday, October 29, 2010


Music defines the time of our life. As it plays again the past just comes to you as a beautiful movie with a background music. Now reminds me of the time in Bangalore. Feels like yesterday! Thanks to everybody!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wide awesome variety

char's madness for kids and gadget disasters,

giz's affinity to musical and sporty friends,

anu's spoiled plans and mis-love for good food and..,

ms' craving for universal knowledge,

bk's coffee addiction and movie making,

vaish's aptitude for crazy stunts,

joko's nothing to describe straight,

terr's points of prey and stories of secrets,

pavi's pink bag and animated narration,

gow's radical attitude and equivalent modesty.

Friday, August 27, 2010

FL feels..

To want the love, you don't love
To make a wish, you can't hear
To hope the hopeless, you have no hope for
To hold on and can't have forever..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Little things together

Here comes the end to another lovely experience. Hyderabad! I hated you when I saw you. Liked you when I watched what you are. Loved you when you took me to show around and now I miss you for what you were.
Kony nightmares, apping thunders, the pleasant pondicherry, the ugly-serves-purpose-hostel, meet-up b'lore trips, life after Basara, Koti, Charminar, Sultan Bazar, Bangle stores, Ginger Court, No money to enter KBR park, Corner stone ice-cream, Nampally Exhibition, Chattees 36, Jubilee hills 45, chicken biriyani, coffee@Cafe Nandini, Cinemax long long chats, Late office cozy Paratha place, Runway 9, SVM, Odyssey, Inorbit, Citibank: Gogri, Lele, Tekchandani; triples at 12, Kal's unkempt-place-to-crash, bitching promises, GVK, KFC, box office, movie curses, Himayathnagar, Universal Bakery, Clove 9, Abids Big Bazar game zone, Sania Mirza pani puri, miss-prabhas in seconds, miss-sidharth cuz of kony, HRC, danny, MCD@CityCenter, plan-has-to-work lifestyle shopping, bk's red top, one-time 10D, hostel terrace, rice grain at shilparamam, stunning beauty of outskirts temples, dentist weekends, peace at relatives, forgetting phone and team's farewell gift at office on the last day and do the last time at office drama second time to pick them, Tivoli theatre, hyderabadi hindi, Apollo fish, ye maaya chesave, tolichowki, ages old tiny spirit, bitsian legacy at kony, dream-never-came-true to see Nagarjuna, United Airlines, Toyota, Citibank, office smoking zone and to end with the best, the few sweet memorable friendships, hangouts, angry moments and the insightful discussions.
'Little things make life so beautiful with people being there to share the little moments'. Makes me realize now that 'it was so wonderful, not at all uneventful'.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Matching Matching!

My roommate off and after a long time I got a chance to be in a single room and have this whole lil space to my own self. Since I really do not have much to write anything specific at this point of time, I am just typing out meaningful sentences. My days passing by in routine since the past few months, just with the office space getting bigger and bigger and with loads of people coming in each day, I lost track of even the number of bitsians in my office. I can mark 2009-10 to be the most uneventful time of my life, though on a brighter side I got to meet a lot of new people and had a touch of small space worklife growing bigger. I was always under the misconception that I came across a variety of people in life through my college and that I can relate anybody new to one of the old variety in an attempt to judge them. But lately, I wonder if I am right with developing impression on a person in relation with my old connections. These could be mostly wrong in reality but right in hypothesis or could be the other way round since I am really not sure but its fun to do it. To elaborate, with my association with a lot of people senior to me, I see in each of them a person who I know would grow up to. To not get 'technical' here, its more about the personality manners which my oldie would develop if not entirely, to a match-able ratio with the newie. A ms into an ajay, a vasa into a raj, a vaish into a rajendra, a char into a mallika, a naren into a suhas, a nal into an usha, a gowcow into a ramky, a bcube into a sumanth, a bk into a kunal, a mahalakshmi into a sarada, are a few to type down. I hope since the first column doesn't know the second column in any possible connectivity, I am safe :). Of the pairs some are mild correlations and some are strong resemblances and I don't really think any of you should try to know the corresponding person to know whom or what you would be like in the next 10-15 years because its all just my hypothesis work and I simply take the pleasure of seeing each of you in them in my everyday routine. The underlying motive for all this is again the same demotivating work, but when we be at the time 10+ years from now and I happen to find that my prediction is going right, I would come back here and mark the match and say to myself 'yo! I was right!'.

Friday, February 12, 2010

XYZ moods

What kind of a person feels like pushing out these words loud out of his throat saying, "I want to throw the bloody cellphone OFF. Have to keep me fucking available to the whole world always!". "I do not want to make conversations with anybody and I will detest to see any human trying to make a conversation with me"."I will DRRaaGG myself to some godforsaken place and find myself a place to live in there.""I don't want to update myself with the hell that goes on around me and I will not let anybody know about my whereabouts"."I do not want anybody to either ask me what I am upto or give there foul advices suggesting what I should be upto".
Hmm..It is not frustration. It is not irritation. It is not boredom. It is not joblessness also. It's a probably a frustrating irritation generated out of the boring job,lessening even the least of quality that could remain to an absolute null!
Nothing more! asksjfsfjoeirsjldklsdfsl!
Been long time. College over.Now this. Next.
PS: Was hoping to write better.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The perfect for the unreachable!

Clinching his 15th Grand Slam title the unsurpassable star Roger Federer wins the Wimbledon 2009 final crossing the Pete Sampras' world record of 14 Grand Slam titles! What a match was it! .. Tiring four and half hours with a score of 5-7, 7-6,7-6,3-6 and "16-14". With Andy Roddick putting an exemplary fight not giving the slightest hint of appearing to loose at any point of the match and Fedex holding his perseverance till the last moment and thats all that he needed to raise himself to the glory! The tie breaker of the second set being the crucial one! twas all the chance that Fed had to get! \m/
Andy Roddick \m/ : "Pete! I tried my best to hold him off" ;)